Now with inspiring templates and intuitive graphs

The new Social Elephants reports are now accompanied by intuitive graphs that allow you to easily capture the most relevant trends among all the information stored in the results tables. They also allow to export the data in excel format and share the information with a practical link or printing the report in PDF.

Now you have different types of reports available to analyze all aspects of your activity in the social networks and you can find templates that can inspire new and useful types of reports that you have probably not thought of before, such as:

  • Comparison with last year's activity (Previous Year Overview)
  • Recommendations on where to invest in Ads (Posts to Boost)
  • Analysis of the formats that work best (Overview by Format)
  • Investigation of the viral diffusion of your publications (Viral Diffusion)
  • Sentiment Analysis (Sentiment  y Engagement & Sentiment)
  • Best days / hours to publish (Best Time to Publish y Best Day to Publish)

The templates reflect the most common needs and serve as inspiration for your analysis. In addition, there is the possibility to customize the reports by selecting the desired metrics, using the filters and adjusting the graphs according to your needs, choosing among the different modalities of data representation (pie chart, histograms, time series, scatter). 

Here you can see some examples of reports that can be extracted with just one click:

Performance analysis of the different formats

Analysis of the Customer Service activity

Sentiment Analysis

We invite you to visit our reports section and try our new fantastic options.