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Get the most out of our exclusive management, statistics,
competitor and financial analysis functions.
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Decision-making on investment in social media can finally rely on dashboards with metrics oriented to marketing and business. Discover the dashboards of Social Elephants, our tools to govern your KPIs and activate your campaigns targeting influencers.

Custom management
of a top brand

Benefit from the functions a top brand needs to manage its social channels: multi-role, multi-tasking, task delegation and assignment, process management, monitoring and follow-up, reports and more.


Get handy, consistent marketing metrics across all channels. Discover the marketing insights to guide your strategy on the social networks.

Monitor your

Benefit from comprehensive monitoring of your competitors based on the use of metrics comparable across your channels.

Manage your consumer-driven

Segment consumers according to their relationship with your brand or competition to create specific communication plans.

Revealing financial

Get grounds for your investment and increase return on investment by including key financial values in your annual budget.


Social Elephants is a SaaS offering exclusive reporting systems to help make investment decisions in social media consistently. Similarly makes operating simple, quick and organized.

Additionally Social Elephants is an essential tool for public relations. With the tool you can identify and target influencers to activate specific campaigns and generate data journalism to ensure a return through earned media.

These are some of the customers are already benefiting.


Listen to the voice of Social Media experts and discover how #TRUMPETING with Social Elephants adds value to our customers.

“Social Elephants is the dream of all media: know deeply their community.”
Isaac Marcet

Isaac Marcet

PlayGround Magazine

“Social Elephants is very helpful to track the performance of our posts and campaigns. It is also fundamental to optimize and boost the best content for our community. It's a key tool to track conversations and handle all the comments that we get every day. Moreover Social Elephants gives us a clear picture of where our brand stands compared to our competitors with exclusive KPIs which cannot be found in other social media platforms. ”
Estitxu Julián Fandiño

Estitxu Julián Fandiño

Social Media Manager, Volkswagen España

“The most efficient dashboard with cross-platform KPIs for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube”
Thais Ruiz de Alda

Thais Ruiz de Alda

Head of Digital Marketing Strategy,
Ajuntament de Barcelona


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